It's all about the girls...maternal traits are important to us

Carthage Missouri

Akauski Cattle



Most American cattlemen have had a limited exposure to cattle from Japan. Te black ones have been around for about forty years. Their limited growth and frail appearance didn’t ft our program. About five years ago we found the Red Akaushi cattle and they appeared to have potential. Semen was hard to get but in, 2013, we quietly started our experiment. To date we are very pleased with our results. We have calved first calf heifers out of both full blood and one half blood Akaushi bulls with excellent results. Their ability to grow and eye appeal has exceeded our expectation. The long term goal for the Akaushi is to produce PRIME grading carcass for premium meat marketing programs. On today’s market, prime has a $100.00 or more per head premium over high choice. Te industry produces about 5% Primes. Currently high end restaurants cannot find enough prime beef. Another niche market may be for grass fed beef. Who knows what will happen in the future. But based on consumer demand the industry keeps changing. Tat being said, right now on a local level, we believe Akaushi will produce feeder cattle that will sell as good as any