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Larry Aschermann grew up on a corn and bean farm in Illinois. Wanting to go to an agricultural school he chose Kansas State University. He graduated with a degree in Animal Science. His wife Peggy says, “ No one has used their Animal Science degree more than Larry. They taught him a lot about cattle, but nothing about cats.”  
After graduation he became a field man for the American Shorthorn Assoc. handling all states East of the Mississippi river. That lead to his becoming the executive for a group of people who were importing cattle from France.
He then returned home to Illinois to farm. He loved cattle farming however, Larry says he was voted Illinois Unstar Grain Farmer. When farming didn’t work out he accepted a job with a subsidiary of Monsanto as Manager of Production in the beef division.
While establishing his production area, he fell in love with Southwest Missouri. He knew that was where he wanted to live. He purchased Diamond/Four State Stockyards and held his first sale on April Fools day in 1980.
While opening the stockyard he became interested in Charolais Genetics. He is presently pursuing his life time dream of selling lots of "Good Bulls".

Larry thinks he is a lucky man. When he was little he wanted to be a cowboy when he grew up. His dream came true. Only difference is, as Peggy says, “He’s a bullboy.”  
Larry has served on the: Missouri Beef Industry Council, Missouri Livestock Marking Assoc and the Board for Governor’s Advisory Council for Agriculture.

Peggy O'Neill Aschermann grew up on a Hereford/wheat farm in Kansas. Her childhood dream of becoming the first women President didn’t quite pan out for her. She graduated from Washburn University with a degree in Criminal Justice.  
Peggy has two children and three grandsons, who, of course are the loves of her life.  
Always being an animal lover she says she can’t believe she found a man who loves the little furry creatures as much as she does. I thought my Dad had the softest hands in the world when treating a sick one, but Larry is right there with him.  
Peggy plays lots of softball. Traveling all over the United States on a traveling tournament team. She was inducted into the National Senior Softball Hall of fame in 2009.

She is a breast cancer survivor. And wants to reminded everyone to get that   mammogram every year.  

Peggy and Larry Aschermann

Photograph by Samantha Athey - FARM TALK LLA

Author, Peggy O'Neill Aschermann, spins her tale about her beloved Dog Clyde who has gone to animal heaven.  From his point of view Clyde tells of his trials and tribulations of being put down, before what he believes was his time to travel. You will meet all his neighbors and new friends. A Lion named Mikey and Sonny the Bear take him camping. Clyde holds a Peacock named Lip responsible for shoving him out of the travel tunnel. Clyde just can't forgive him.  For the first time in his life love comes calling. Sonja, a beautiful New York Poodle, has to make up her mind between Clyde and a Labadoodle named Frank. She has shaved herself from the fuzzy knob at the end of her tail to her waist, leaving a pom-pom on each back hip. Her nails are painted sparkly silver. Clyde assures us, "I never saw anything like that in Missouri." What happens to pets when they die? Clyde has been granted a communication request to write home. He shares his joys and sorrows with you.

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