It's all about the girls...maternal traits are important to us

Carthage Missouri

 our spring bull sale set for  - march 16, 2019 

EPD’S: Te breed average for Non Parent EPD distribution is: CE 3.1 BW 0.3 WW 27.2 YW 50.1 MILK 9.0 TOTAL MATL 22.6 SC 0.80 MCE 3.1 HCW 17.5 REA 0.36 FAT 0.007 MARB 0.07 Additional EPD’s for sale bulls can be provided.

We have been breeding Charolais Cattle since 1993 and believe we have found the best blood lines to compliment our herd and yours.  Please visit our Sire and Donor pages below.

2017 Current Average Charolais EPDS For Active Sires

Charolais Cattle

It’s all about the girls. Maternal traits are important to us.  The reference cows below have made a huge impact on our breeding program     NOTE: Our genetics produced four National Champion cow calf pair from three different exhibitors out of three of our cow families. The Megan’s, The Duchess's and the Nancy’s