Carthage Missouri

The Ms Bud 418 Cow Family

JCA Ali ET  F719482   02/20/1994  Polled
Sire: WCR Sir Fab Mac 809 M202427
Dam: WCR Miss Duke 8742 F508409

The WIENK COW Family

The Nancy Cow Family

125P is rapidly becoming our newest and most popular donor. Her dam pictured above is one of our favorite all time cows. Her Grand Dam, we purchased at the age of ten, hoping to start this wonderful family of females. Both the male and female offspring from the entire blood line did not disappoint.  

Charolais Donors

The DUCHESS Cow Family

It's all about the girls...maternal traits are important to us!

RC Ms Bud 418  F703094   02/14/1994  Polled
Sire: RC Bud 04 ET
Dam: Miss Showgun RC 416

WCR Miss Tradition 316  F666346   02/08/1993  Polled

Sire: WCR Sir Tradition   M318119
Dam: WCR Miss Duke 120 F59888

One of the most prolific dams of our breed, Miss Duke 7717, was still producing at the age of 18. With a beautiful udder she is one of our buyers favorite cows. Her first natural calf born before her second birthday was a bull with a 779 lb. Ad WW. that ratioed 119. She never quit, her second WWR was 112, her third calf WWR 107 and then she became a valued donor. 

ACE MS WIENK 7171880-P125  F1022122

Sire: MR. MORRISON 717 Polled
Dam: ACE MS WIENK 1880 P

Ms Bud 418 started her illustrious career as the only full sister to Buds My Dad in the world. She made a name for herself as an overly productive cow flushing over twenty eggs per flush.
She and her daughters had lots of milk and great udders. When we sold Ms. Bud 418, she commanded $21,000, in the Thousand Oaks and Friends Sale going to Southern Cattle Co.

Mr. Morrison 717 Polled    M456267  
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ACE MS WIENK 1880 P  F1021728 
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WCR Miss Duke 7717  F494398   04/10/1987  Polled 
Sire: BR Duke 261    M246564
Dam: WCR Miss FA Mac 261 F399865

The matriarch of the Megan Cow Family 316 was one of the first Tradition 066 daughters to be flushed. She produced the $16,000 Ace Tornado 9316. Her first three daughters that we sold to Three Trees, Link Charolais and Steve Smith for an average of $5217. She has produced extremely thick and moderate framed offspring.

It’s all about the girls. Maternal traits are important to us.  The reference cows below have made a huge impact on our breeding program     NOTE: Our genetics produced four National Champion cow calf pair from three different exhibitors out of three of our cow families. The Megan’s, The Duchess's and the Nancy’s

The MEGAN Cow Family

Carthage Missouri

"It's all about the girls...maternal traits are important to us"

After much study of the available gene pool in the Charolais breed, Three Trees Ranch in Georgia, focused on the cow families that descends from Nancy 13. Two full sisters WCR Miss Century 283 and WCR Miss Century 920 were the key. These cow lines have had a tremendous influence on our breed. WCR Miss Mac IV 8501 and her daughter WCR Miss LO6 9407 plus WCR Miss Duke 8742, and her daughter JCA Ali ET have produced many of our top herd leaders.