It's all about the girls...maternal traits are important to us

Carthage Missouri

Our next bull sale - october 20, 2018 - here at the ranch

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Our Goals!  Are simple, to produce Charolais based seed stock that are easy calving, fast growing, highly maternal and produce a premium carcass. Because top quality and yield grade are important to every seed stock program we have used almost exclusively pedigrees with proven carcass traits.

Commercial Bull Production, in volume, is our main business.  We have years of proven customer satisfaction. Our bulls are known for their good dispositions, sound feet and legs, easy calving, and fast growing calves. We produce both purebred and hybrid seed stock. More recently Red cattle from Japan ( Akaushi) genetics  have been added to our Mello Yellow line of hybrid bulls.

Eye Appeal as long as commercial feeder calf buyers want to see what they are buying, eye appeal is very important.  We have proven that performance and carcass cattle can look good too.

Hello we are Peggy & Larry Aschermann. We are located in southwest Missouri near Carthage and East of Joplin. Our roots have always been in the cattle industry. We have bred and raised purebred Charolais cattle since 1993. Starting in 2000, we added Red Angus to part of the herd to create our first  “Mellow Yellow”  cattle.  Embryo transfer and artificial insemination plays a major role in our day to day production.

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Welcome to Southwest Missouri!