Now that Wyoming Wind is dead, most of his fans are trying to find his best son.  After years of producing and sampling sons, we chose Elko. This Wyoming Wind son that we produced is out of our 5224 Donor and co-owned with Rambur Charolais, Sidney Montana.  During his stay in Montana with the toughest of competition, he proved to be easy calving with plenty of growth and ratioed 118.7 for marbling and 101.6 for ribeye on ultrasound test. 

Mr. Morrison 717 Polled    M456267

Sire:  Mr Morrison 020 Polled
Dam: Morrison's Ms Mac 518 Pld
Birth Date: 19 March 1997

  • Breeder Wayne and Karleen Morrison, Flemington, MO
  • Owner: Larry Aschermann Carthage, MO
  • % 32/32  DNA: BG-C3845
  • BW: 78   Weaning Wt: 901  Yearling Weight: 1362

More pounds - When cattlemen call to visit about buying seedstock, most have one thing in common. They have tried other breeds and lost pounds and net dollars.  Our cattle offer two solutions. 

  • The first is increased hybrid vigor.  
  • The second is our breeding plan eliminates genetic extremes which lets you optimize growth without creating calving issues.  

1A MR SANDMAN 809 P  Reg: M779553  DOB: 1-21-12

Dam: Peek Miss Nancy 604P

Charolais Sires

Gold Standard was purchased with others, in the Fink Charolais Bull Sale.  That day, he was valued at $39,000 and he is proving to be worth every penny.  Since then, Gold's sire has been named the A.I.C.A. multi-trait leader THREE times.  I think that is some kind of record.  Gold's first sons are selling in this sale and we are sure liking them.  These guys were born easy, at the top end at weaning time, and excel as yearlings.  In the replacement pen, the heifers are noticeably deeper ribbed and thicker topped.  Old timers would call them the soggy kind.

EJS Perfect Wind  His pedigree dictates greatnest and he has bred true.

This is one of those herd sires that just keeps getting better and better.  Perfect Wind created a great deal of attention and interest when four breeders partnered up to purchase theree-quarters interest and full possession.  In May 2007, those breeders decided to dissolve their partnership in the Sunset Ridge Complete Dispersal.  That day saw the interest bring $15,000 selling to Chris Black and Nolan Fleshner.  His picture is what brought them to the table and when descreibed over the phone as maybe being even better than the picture, the new partnership was formed and they have taken him to new heights.

2019 Current Average Charolais EPDS For Active Sires

Prime cut is our base herd sire, and we still use him today. He was described by AICA personal as the first true spread bull, in 1998. His traits are easy calving, rapid growth to yearling and a many time trait leader for hot carcass weight. In the end that is how we get paid, by the pound.

The breed average for Non Parent EPD distribution is: CE 5.0 BW 0.4 WW 30 YW 55 MILK 9 TOTAL MATL 24 SC 0.9 MCE 5.2 HCW 19 REA 0.68 FAT 0.007 MARB 0.11 TSI 201.86 Additional EPD’s for sale bulls can be provided.

717 was a Missouri bred moderate framed bull who was homozygous polled. We have no idea how a –10 milk was generated, because at our place, his daughters excelled in Mothering ability, tight udders and small teats, with plenty of milk. (Below is a Mr. Morrison daughter P111 with a beautiful udder)

Our Sandman line is noted for their ease of calving. He is a son of Kojack. Doc Easy is a son of Doc Silver. These two sire lines are being criss-crossed to produce bulls that can be used on heifers. This line produces small calves at birth without sacrificing moderate growth and eye appeal with muscling.  

ACE Sires & Reference A I Sires

W C R Prime Cut 764 Pld "ONE of A KIND"  M460645 


EJS Perfect Wind 3010 ET   Reg: M669000

Sire: LT Wyoming Wind 4020 Pld
Dam: DS Perfect Bell 851 ET Pld

"It's all about the girls...maternal traits are important to us"


Carthage Missouri

Carthage Missouri

ACE-RC Elko 5224 - 0860 Pld. ET   M634396

Sire: LT Wyoming Wind 4020 Pld
Dam: CR Miss Mac IV 5224 P ET

Fink Gold Standard 0153  Reg: EM799353  DOB: 8-22-10

Sire: M6 New Standard 842 ET
Dam: Finks Miss 25503575BUET